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Sustainable Table

I don’t know about you, but I hear a ton of talk about sustainable living, yet there isn’t really a straight path to getting started or where you can buy things that are from a sustainable source. I want to answer the question, How can I live more sustainably? I like the earth as much as the next person and I certainly want it to be around after I’m long gone.

But there’s so much to think about. Where can you turn for help and really start breaking it down into manageable lifestyle changes?  I’d suggest you start here at a site that can help you figure out how to be more sustainable through what you’re putting on the table for dinner.

Welcome to Sustainable Table, where you will learn all about how you can make your meals come from sustainable sources, support your community, and get educated on sustainability.

On the main page on what looks like a green folder you’ll find a search box where you can type in your zip code to search for sustainable food near you. On that same folder, if you click the white tab Recipes & Tips you’ll have access to the featured recipe.

There are three sections of the site that really stood out to me, they are:

Introduction – here you will find a treasure trove of knowledge about eating from sustainable sources, how to eat better, what is the difference between sustainable and industrial sources, and so much more.

The Issues – here you will find a deeper look into eating sustainable and the issues that surround it.

Sustainable Kitchen – this is of course my favorite section, you know I love a good recipe! Here you will find recipes, information about sustainable culinary schools, and even cookbook reviews!

So check out this site today and discover how you can eat from sustainable sources!

http://www.sustainabletable.org/home.php [1]