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SWF Files

Do you have the Adobe Flash [1] program installed on your computer? If you do, you’ve probably seen some .swf files on your computer at some point. Have you seen them, but you’re not sure what they are exactly? That’s a fair scenario. Well, I’m here to tell you all about them today, so here we go!

SWF files always come in a graphics file format and they are all produced by the Flash program. They are the files that contain the animations and the applets for all the interaction functions that come along with the material you can view with the Flash player. They are also used for different display graphics for DVD menus and TV commercials.

There have been a couple known meanings for the SWF letters, including Small Web Format and ShockWave Flash. Some people pronounce the file format as individual letters (S W F), while others call them “swiff” files. SWF files are the “top dog” when it comes to vector graphics on the Web today. So, if you ever see one of these file names on your computer, you’ll know exactly where it came from and what it is used for.