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Switch Character Case in Open Office

In spite of what it sounds like we’re not discussing a murder mystery or some Nancy Drew book… today we’re discussing a quick switch between upper and lower case characters.

“Characters?” you may ask.

Yep – that’s the term that OpenOffice uses instead of font.

So when you’re looking through things trying to find something you won’t see commands to format font – instead they’ll say format characters.

Well, anyway, you get the idea.

Now on to the main point for today… finding and using what options are offered when it comes to changing the case of the characters in a document.

(A great thing to know when you’ve accidentally been typing with the Caps Lock on for a while!)

To begin you’ve got to let OpenOffice know which characters to change:

For a single word: place your cursor anywhere in the word.

For multiple words: highlight everything that needs to be changed.

At this point the fastest way to do this is to right-click and go to the Case/Characters choice.


At that point you’ll see that OpenOffice gives you two choices, all uppercase or all lowercase.

Choose one and instantly you’ll see that your characters have been converted per your request.

Oh, and by the way… the same command can be found under the Format menu, Change Case sub-menu.

Mystery solved!

~ April