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SwitchCam is an awesome site that collates the best concert footage (political events and conferences) from the web and creates a space where you can discover, watch it, and share it with your friends. 

Have you missed a concert you really wanted to attend? Couldn’t get to a big summer music festival like Coachella? Well never fear, SwitchCam does the hard work for you. They scour the internet to find the best videos from those concerts then make them easy for you to discover on their site. 

When you watch a concert for the first time there is a pop up that explains the interface to you, click the Okay, Let’s Get Started button to make it go away (or you can use the X in the left corner). If there are mulitple camera angles for the event you’re watching you can switch between them (switch cam!) just by clicking on them as you’re watching to view the concert from that angle. You can use the set list at the left to skip to your favorite song. 

You can use the handy search field at the top of the page to find your favorite artists quickly, or you can use the Browse button at the top of the page and select to browse Genres or Artists. It’s just that simple. 

This site is in beta right now, and I can’t wait to watch how it develops over time! Check it out today!

http://switchcam.com/ [1]