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Swizzle – Save Your Inbox

Is your inbox a mess? Is it filled with coupon sites and advertisements? Well mine is! I used to have a separate e-mail address for those kinds of e-mails, but then it became too much of a hassle to bounce back and forth between two e-mail addresses multiple times a day. Eventually I stopped checking that other address and just started signing up for things with my regular e-mail address. Has this happened to you? Do you want you inbox back? I do! 

You’ll notice there’s not much awaiting you on the site, just a blank text line for you type in your e-mail address into. Just above that field is a link about the safety and security of using the service, click that link and the information will be opened in a new tab. Check that out before you proceed, because it explains how this works and what you can expect from this service. Then, if you’ve decided Swizzle is for you, click back over to the original tab and type in your e-mail address. Then click the Start button. 

On the next screen you’ll provide the password for your e-mail account (it is not saved in anyway by Swizzle) and then once you’ve logged into your e-mail address there will be a Start Scan button – click that to begin. I decided to clean out my junk e-mail address, which had thousands of e-mails sitting in it. If you have a lot of e-mails, Swizzle offers you the opportunity to receive an e-mail letting you know when the scan is done, or you can select to wait. I chose to wait, and it took maybe a minute for it to scan my e-mails. Once it was finished, it brought up a list of e-mail addresses that I could unsubscribe to. You can pick the e-mails you don’t want to get anymore and preserve the ones you’re still interested in.

When you click the Unsubscribe button next to an e-mail address, you receive the option to just unsubscribe or unsubscribe and delete all the e-mails from that address. I chose to to delete the e-mails as well as unsubscribe. If the unsubscribe process needs for you to do an extra step (at the site attached to the service you are unsubscribing from) Swizzle will automatically take you to the site and the page you need to finish unsubscribing. Sometimes all the other site shows is a confirmation that you’ve been successfully unsubscribed. 

It took me about seven minutes to unsubscribe from everything it found. I can’t begin to imagine how long it would have taken to manually unsubscribe from everything and then delete all the associated e-mails. Once you’ve finished, click the Done button and you’ll be taken to the exit screen. On the exit screen you’ll see the program leave your e-mail address, have the opportunity to request a reminder in 3 months, and the opportunity to let them know what you think of their service. 

Within ten days you should notice a marked improvement in the amount of bulk e-mail you are receiving, and with the reminder system you can come back in three months and make sure your inbox stays clean. Check it out today!

http://theswizzle.com [1]