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Swype your Way to Typing Heaven

Swype is the newest way to type on your smartphone. It’s fast, and can type at about 40 words per minute. It’s simple, too –  you can learn without even watching the tutorial. Just place your finger on the letters you want to type, and swipe to the next and next, until you complete the sentence. The moment you lift your finger, an automatic space is inserted – however, you will have to pass over the period symbol to insert a full stop, because the algorithm isn’t intelligent enough to know when the sentence ends. Also, insertion of periods is a matter of style. To each his own.


If you have the latest Android phone (version 2.3 and up), chances are that you already have Swype integrated with the other third party apps on your phone, as found on the Samsung Galaxy Note. If you don’t, it’s easy to get:

Just go to you can always go to the Swype website [1] and get the beta version. Go to the Ovi Store if you have Nokia. There is even an unofficial version of Swype for iOS as well – but that’s not by the same company, and you need a jailbroken iOS device to run it. Remember, though, that Swype only works for touchscreen devices. Since the offficial Swype app comes pre-installed in phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note, if you own a device that doesn’t support it, perhaps you could go for the SlideIT Keyboard app available at the Google Play store. The only hitch? You have to try it for 15 days and then buy it for $3.99, if you like it. This app offers Swype-like functionalities, and the only alternative right now.


To know if your device has it, just long press the keyboard to bring up the accessibility window. Enable Swype, and you are ready to make the most of it. And if you are looking for advanced tips on becoming a power user of Swype, go here [2].

Just remember one thing when you Swype: Pass your finger over a period or comma to the space bar if you want to insert the punctuation and a space. The same rule applies for exclamation and question marks. 

Welcome to a whole new world of typing. Swype, instead of type.

~Zahid H Javali