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Symbols In MS Word

Symbols In MS Word

Have you ever found yourself trying to find a key on the keyboard that just doesn’t exist?

Let’s say that you’re trying to put one of these into your document…


Or, how about those cute little “pictures” that some people always seem to have at the right place in documents?

Maybe something like these?


Basically, anything that you need but just isn’t on the keyboard.

What do you do?

Obviously there’s a way since they’re here in the newsletter—but where?

Once you know where to look you’ll be amazed by the sheer number of special characters and pictures available to you with just couple of clicks.

To begin, you’ll need to go to the Insert menu, Symbol choice.

The Symbol window will open.

At the top you can choose the font you want to use. Some have more symbols than others and the pictures are mostly in the fonts Webdings and Wingdings.

Take a moment to explore.

The available symbols for each font are displayed in the center of the window.

To see each one a little larger simply click on it.

After you’ve found what you’re looking for simply click the Insert button and then click Close.

You’ll be returned to you document with the symbol inserted in the location of your cursor.

So stop looking for those keys that just don’t exist—take a look in the Symbol window instead.