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Sync It in WMP

Sync It in WMP

This tip is going out to all you music lovers out there! We’re going to be using Windows Media Player again, which in case you don’t already know, is a program intended for listening to music, storing music on a computer, ripping and burning CDs and syncing music to an external device, such as an MP3 player or iPod. Music that is already stored on your computer can be transferred (or “synched”) to any external music playing device that hooks up to the computer with a USB cable (the cable linking the device to the computer).

Before I go any further, I need to tell you all that this tip is geared toward Windows Media Player, version 10. I know that version 11 was recently released, but I used WMP 10 specifically for this tip. I believe the directions are similar for 11, but do keep in mind that it may be just a little bit different if you are trying to do this with WMP 11. Okay, let’s go on!

So, once the basic steps are down, the process is rather simple. The first question to tackle is what external device will you be storing your music on. The most commonly used device is an MP3 player, which plays music files in an .mp3 format. Such devices make listening to music accessible in more places. You want to make sure the device you’re using is compatible with the computer, so it is important to link it to the computer and install any programs that came along with it. If you make it through this preliminary step, then you are good to move on!

Next, decide which songs you want to transfer to this device. If the desired songs are not yet stored on your computer, but they are on still on a CD, those music files can be “ripped” onto the computer first. After this, the songs will be stored on the computer and will be ready for the synching process.

What’s nice about Windows Media Player is how there are easy to follow along tabs across the top of the toolbar. Under the Library tab, you can select each song that you want to sync. Just right click on them and choose Add To, Sync List.

Once you’re through with this, the songs you have selected will be displayed under the Sync tab.

Extra Tip: Another way to choose the songs you want to add to your Sync List is to first go under the Sync tab and then click on Edit Playlist in the top left corner under the tabs. This will display all of your playlists with the specific songs, so making a selection can even be an easier process.

If the device has been detected and everything is set, you should be good to go! Just click on Start Sync, which is displayed in the top left hand corner and the selected songs will be transferred to your music player. It’s as easy as that!

Listening to your favorite songs at any time and any place has never been easier than this!

~ Sheida Rahimzadeh