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Sync With iTunes Wirelessly

Dirk from Alaska asks:

How do I utilize Apple’s Wi-Fi Synchronization feature?

Starting back with iOS 5, Apple released a long awaited feature – Wi-Fi Synchronization. With it, synchronizing music, movies, books, and apps to your iPhone or iPod is much easier. In addition, synchronization can now take place in the background of your iDevice, meaning you can still use all of its functions (phone, media, apps) while your data is being transferred between your mobile device and your computer. Keep on reading to learn how to enable iTunes Wi-Fi Sync!

Before we begin, the only basic requirement for Wi-Fi sync is that you have an iPhone or iPod and a computer with iTunes that are both connected to the same wireless network, or Wi-Fi hotspot.

To begin setting up, you will need to have your iDevice plugged into your computer and iTunes open.

When your device appears in the left side bar, select it and you will see an overview of its properties. Scroll down and under Options, select Sync this iPhone over Wi-Fi. To confirm this option, select Apply.


That’s it; you can now disconnect your device by pressing the Eject orb next to its name in the left hand side bar.

When you’d like to initiate a Wireless Sync, I recommend that your iPhone or iPod be plugged into a power charger. We don’t want your device to deplete its battery while synchronizing, right? Also, you must have the iTunes program up and running on your computer.

Now on your iDevice, select the Settings icon from the home screen, followed by General.


Press the menu for iTunes Wi-Fi Sync, and select your computer’s name.


Finally, touch Sync Now.


You can tell your device has begun synchronizing by the circular arrow icon in the status bar. Here’s the best part – you can continue using all of your iDevice’s apps and features while your files synchronize silently in the background. When the icon disappears, your synchronization is complete!


A final word of advice: When synching many new or large files to your iPhone or iPod, Wi-Fi Sync may not be as efficient as a wired USB connection. Wi-Fi Sync syncs media reasonably fast, but more importantly it allows you to roam around your house or office while synchronizing with no wires.

~ Jay Neil Patel