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Syncronizing Your Google and Outlook Calendars

Okay, it’s true:  I tend to be a bit scatterbrained.

Surely it’s my job – I could probably even blame it on being a busy mom.  Truth be told, though, I’ve always been this way, which is why using a calendar has been essential to my productivity.

Personally, I love paper calendars, especially the weekly  Sierra Club ones.  The problem is  I never remember to bring it with me when I leave the house.  To make matters worse, they’re not a lot of help when I need to e-mail dates to my boss or set up electronic reminders for my husband to take our son to basketball practice. Plus, I always forget to put my work meetings on my home calendar–which is probably at home anyway–or add my daughter’s ballet recital to my work calendar–which means I’ll end up missing the entire recital. Therefore, I have begun to rely heavily on electronic calendars.

This creates its own problem: I have to duplicate my calendar at work–which is on Outlook–and my home calendar–which is on Google–onto each other.  Sound confusing?  That’s where Google Calendar Sync comes in and saves my life.

Google Calendar Sync [1] synchronizes events between your Google and your Outlook calendars.  It’s an amazing tool that runs completely on its own and requires absolutely no input from you once it’s setup.  There are several versions of Google Sync, but for this article we’re going to focus on the one for the PC [1] desktop.

Before You Install Google Calendar Sync

Installing Google Calendar Sync

1) From your internet browser, download Google Calendar Sync [1] to your computer by clicking on the Download Google Calendar Sync link.  (You don’t want Google Apps Sync – they’re two different things.)

2) When the prompt to download the program displays, click Run to run the downloaded program.

3) Read through the Google Calendar Sync Terms of Service as shown below then click on the I Agree button.

Google Apps 02

4) Choose the shortcut components to install from the window shown below.  You can just choose the default of all 3 if you want.

Google Apps 03

5)  Click Next.

6) Make sure the program is downloaded to the destination folder you want.  If you are not sure about this option, go with the defaults and just click Install.

7) The download screen will appear as shown below.  Let it complete.

Google Apps 04

8.) When download is complete, the complete screen shown below will appear.    Click Close.

Google Apps 05

9) Click either on Google Sync icon on your desktop

Google Apps 06-a

or the status bar icon

Google Apps 06-b

located at the very bottom right of your screen.  The sync options screen will display as shown below:

Google Apps 07

10) On the sync options screen above, complete the following then click Save:

That’s it!  Now you can access your home calendar at work and your work calendar at home or anywhere else in the world.  Now if only you could automatically schedule the kids….

~Karen Powers Liebhaber