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Tab Switching in Firefox

Multi-tab browsing in Firefox makes managing multiple web pages a breeze! Remember how Ctrl + T opens a new tab? Well, what about Ctrl+ Page Up and Ctrl+Page Down to switch between those tabs? Want to navigate between tabs even faster? Check these out:

Ctrl+1: Switch to the first tab
Ctrl+2: Switch to the second tab
Ctrl+3: Switch to the third tab
Ctrl+4: Switch to the fourth tab
Ctrl+5: Switch to the fifth tab
Ctrl+6: Switch to the sixth tab
Ctrl+7: Switch to the seventh tab
Ctrl+8: Switch to the eighth tab
Ctrl+9: Switch to the LAST tab

Even if you’ve got a ridiculous amount of tabs open, Ctrl+9 will always go to the farthest tab on the right.


But what about Ctrl+0? Well, because you can switch the size of the font with Ctrl+= or Ctrl+-, there needs to be a way to set it all back to defaults, right? That’s where Ctrl+0 comes in. Use it to put the text in Firefox back to normal.