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Tab the Space

Tab the Space

Here’s a fun little quick tip for you! Do you often sign up for certain things online? You know, anything that requires you to choose a username and password or even fill in some of your personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.?) Well, when you’re filling out those forms, do you have to use your mouse to go through most of it? Don’t you get tired of going back and forth between your keyboard and your mouse? I know I do!

Well, today, I’m here to show you a trick that will change that forever. All you have to do is use the Tab key and the Spacebar on your keyboard. When you’re filling out a form that asks for your name, address, etc., you can use the Tab key to go from one line to the next. For example, if you’re done filling in your name, hit the Tab key and your mouse cursor will automatically go down to the next line, which is probably where your address goes. You can do that throughout the whole form.

Now, do you ever come across something that requires you to checkmark some of those little boxes? For instance, when a form asks you if you’re male or female or how about when you’re changing the settings in your Web browser or e-mail program. Whenever you have to check a box, just hit the Spacebar. If you want to uncheck a box, hit the Spacebar again. It’s that easy. With the Tab and Spacebar keys, you can fly through any form you have to fill out or any settings you have to set. Sounds good to me! How about you? Now, go give it a try!

~ Erin