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Table Formatting Without the Table Behavior

Table Formatting Without the Table Behavior

I bet a few of you who have been working with the MS Excel 2007 tables the last couple of days have found yourselves wishing you could easily get the right formatting, without all the table behaviors that come with it.

If you’ve been searching for a way to get the formatting without actually creating the table, here’s exactly what you need!

To begin, you’ll have to actually make the table.

Yeah, I know that’s what you’re trying to avoid, but stick with me here!

Highlight the cells to be formatted, click on the Format as Table button under the Home tab on the ribbon and choose a formatting style/color.

Immediately, the Table Tools, Design tab will open. (If you deselected the table, click on any cell in the table to get to the Table Tools).

Under the Design tab, click on the Convert to Range button.

Excel will then ask you to confirm your decision about converting the table to a range of normal cells.

Click Yes.

Voila. The table behaviors are gone and your beautiful formatting is left alone!

~ April