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Table Headers

Table Headers

Here’s the scenario, you’ve made a perfect table of information in MS Word and you’re getting ready to print your document. As you’re looking things over you realize that your table prints on several pages and your column titles are on the first page but not the others.

What do you do?

Do you make extra rows at the top of every page and manually put the titles on each page?

I suppose you could… but I wouldn’t recommend it. It makes for some messy editing later on should you need to remove or add rows.

So, if that’s not the answer then what is?

The solution you seek is in one word: Headings.


Yep – headings.

Basically, what you need to do is to tell Word which row contains your column headings and then it will automatically put that row at the top of each new page in the table.

Since this is automatically done for you, it won’t require manually moving the titles every time you add or delete data. It’s a huge timesaver that makes the table so much easier to handle.

So, how do you get to these little timesaving wonders?

Well, believe it or not, you can have table headings in just two steps.

First you need to highlight your column headings.

The second, and final step, is to go to the Table menu, Headings choice.


That’s it! You’ve now got your headings set for the entire table regardless of how many pages you may print.

Here’s a couple of side notes about table headings.

I found that I could also highlight cells on the left side of the table and set those as headings as well.

I also found that you would only see the headings in the Print Preview screen or in the Page Layout view. (Go to View menu, Page Layout choice)

The headings will print anyway, you just may not see them if you choose to view the document in another format.

Now let’s go out there and put those finishing touches on the tables. Really make them shine.

~ April