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Table Resizing

Table Resizing

Do you use Word’s Insert Table button to insert your tables?

I mean, it’s not a bad idea. It allows for a quick insertion of tables of up to four rows by five columns with just a quick click and drag.

But, have you ever noticed that Word always inserts a long, narrow table?

What if you wanted something with cells a little larger. Maybe something a little more square?

Well, you could choose to draw the table with the tools on the Tables and Borders toolbar, but may I suggest something that might just be a bit quicker?

After your next table insertion, put your mouse pointer over the table.

Did you see it?

When the mouse pointer is over the table, a four way arrow handle appears in the upper left corner for table relocation and more importantly, in the bottom right corner, a resizing handle appears.

Click, hold and drag the resizing handle in any direction.

You’ll find that with this simple move, you can resize your table to create the cell sizes you were looking to have without the need to draw the table from scratch!

~ April