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Tagged Facebook Photos Not Showing Up – Can I Fix?

Richard asks: When I tag a photo of someone on Facebook, it won’t go to their site. How do I fix this? 

Answer: If I understand you correctly, when you tag someone in a photo, you’d like it to post on their News Feed or Timeline. There’s not really anything you can do about that. Some Facebook users choose to be notified when they are tagged in photos and others do not. 

Some have privacy settings that don’t allow you to tag them without their approval, while others won’t permit anyone to tag them at all. A user can choose whether or not they want tagged photos to appear in their News Feed or on their Timeline for others to see.  I discussed ways to control your photo privacy in this article [1].



If you want to make sure someone sees certain photos, you could always message them the link or share the photos with them. When you click the “Share” option on a photo, you have the choice of sharing the photo on a friend’s Timeline or in a private message to that friend. If your friend doesn’t permit others to post on his or her timeline, a private message is the best way to make sure he or she sees the picture.

~ Cynthia