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Take Me Fishing

Take Me Fishing [1]

One of my favorite summer activities when I was kid was going fishing with my dad. I was watching TV the other day and a commercial came on for this site. It touched my heart and made me remember all those times I went fishing with my dad.

You can actually view a couple of these commercials on the site. Just go to the Share Your Passion section of the main image and click the link e-mail a friend, and you can see the commercials. I sent them to my him.

At this site, you can learn about boating, fishing, safety and even check out the Kid’s Fishing Hall of Fame. I learned a lot of interesting things while visiting the site. I learned that there was a Kid’s Fishing Hall of Fame and that National Fishing and Boating week is June 3rd through the 11th.

Another of my favorite features is the light blue section: Search For, which provides you links to some of the most commonly searched for information. Some being: Places to Boat and Fish and Helpful Resources: Clubs, Kids Programs and more. Or if you have a specific subject in mind, just type it in at the top of the page and click Go.

So, whether fishing is a nostalgic way to get in touch with your childhood, it’s something brand new that you are just learning or maybe sharing with your children, this site has tons of pertinent information on the subject! Happy fishing!

http://www.takemefishing.org/ [1]

~ Amanda

Take Me Fishing

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Some of my fondest memories in my childhood are of spending time with my dad. One of the things he liked to do was take us fishing. So while I was reminiscing I found this fabulous fishing site.

Welcome to Take Me Fishing where you can find information on fishing, boating, and caring for the water. You can also learn about your local resources to get out on the water. The drop down box in the top middle of the page in the area that says “Rediscover the joy of boating and fishing”, has some usual sections you can hop to like: Boat Buying Tips, Boat Registration, Fishing Licenses, Lunar Phases, Marine Weather, and Tides just to name a few.

On the side menu you have the options of Search, Fishing, Boating, Family Fun, Safety, and Events. The Search section is great! You can search for local marinas, where you can rent a boat, tackle and bait shops, and even events!

Fishing — Here you will learn about why people enjoy fishing, where you can fish at, how to fish (if you never had or are a bit rusty), getting a license, and even how to identify your catch. I remember my dad would take us fishing for blue gill, and we never caught any. I am a lousy fisherman, but it was a lot of fun.

Boating — Now boating isn’t for everyone but if it is for you or you’d like to try it then this section is a great resource. Why do people boat? Well you can find out in “Why Boating”. Other things you can learn about are How to Boat, Buying or Selling a Boat, Boater Education Programs, Trailering Info & Laws, Registration & Guidelines, and Related Boating Activities.

Family Fun — this section teaches you how to go about Getting Kids Involved, Quality Time, Related Hobbies, and National Fishing & Boating Week (which I wish was a National Holiday that you got time off for so I could take my dad out fishing.)

Safety — Of course this where you learn about Fishing and Boating safety, and how to where those life preservers!

Events — Here you can search for fishing and boating events, learn more about National Fishing and Boating Week, and the Take Me Fishing Tour. You can also submit an event here if you are involved in one that isn’t listed.

Now I’m off to the bait shop to get some worms, and go fishing.

http://www.takemefishing.org/ [1]