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Taking a Glance at the Airplane Mode on iPhone

International rules and regulations prohibit the use of cellular devices on airplanes due to the possible problems caused through jamming of networks or systems connected to the airliners. However, the iPhone contains a cool feature, enabling you to enjoy using your mobile set in a semi-offline style – like when you are listening to music or while playing your favorite games above the clouds. Let’s take a brief look at this nifty feature of iPhone both geeks and ordinary travelers will be interested in trying out.

Access your phone main screen and tap Settings.

Airplane Mode is located at the top of the menu. It has two options: On/Off buttons. If not selected, choose the ON mode that will display the orange airplane icon at the top left corner of your phone.

Now you can leave your cellular device turned on and comply with the airline regulations at the same time. When the Airplane Mode is switched on, your phone will be isolated from internet and mobile networks. Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth feature and GPS settings too will be disabled temporarily, but you still can do plenty of things, like rereading the emails already saved on your device, checking out PDF texts, viewing the photos on your device, etc. When you land, or if the flight attendants give you the green light, getting your phone back to the normal status will be a piece of cake.

Just return to the Settings panel and turn off the Airplane Mode through tapping on the right option.

Activating the Airplane Mode will reward you with some small gifts too, (extended battery, for instance) because disabling of certain features on your device will help save power, plus there’s always the benefit of no incoming or outgoing phone calls or text messages for the duration of the flight!

~Hamid Reza