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Tampering with Word’s Templates

Tampering with Word’s Templates

Does MS Word have a template that you really like? Well, except for a couple of small things here and there, of course.

What’s your solution?

Most people I know simply use the template and repeatedly make the same changes each time they use it.

While this plan works, it’s quite annoying to make those changes over and over again. I’m all for removing unnecessary repetitive efforts, so let’s see what we can do with this particular dilemma.

We need to get to Word’s Templates window.

I was able to accomplish this by clicking on General Templates in the New Document Task Pane.

Once in the Templates window, you need to locate and select the template you wish to modify.

But wait! Don’t click OK yet.

Just above the OK and Cancel buttons, there’s the Create New section.

Be sure to select Template.

Now, click OK.

You’ll be taken back into Word with the template opened and ready for your modifications.

At this point, it’s time to make those adjustments to the template that you want to be permanent. You know, maybe you always remove the word “confidential” from a footer or there’s a graphic you never keep when you use this template. Go ahead and make those changes. Change all the things that will make the template more useful to you.

When you’re all done with the changes, you’re ready to save it. (File menu, Save As choice).

When the Save As window opens, you’ll find that Word has already navigated to the location for saving templates and already has the file type set to a Word Template.

All you have to do is name it something useful and click Save.

Later, when you need to use your template again, you should be able to find it under the General Tab in the Templates window.

There you have it. Who knew that tampering with Word’s templates could be so useful and easy?!

~ April