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Task Manager File Menu & Tabs Missing

Ray from SLC, UT writes:

I don’t know why, but my Windows Task Manager doesn’t have the normal Address Bar up top, not the Menu bar of File/Options/View/Help and none of the tabs of Processes/Services/Performance/Networking/Users either. I am running Windows 7, and no matter how I bring up the Task Manager, it just show the applications that I have running, under Task and Status, and I can End Task/Switch To/New Task, but that’s about it. I have the same problem with my Windows 7 laptop as well. I hope you can help me bring back the full functionality of the Task Manager.


It sounds to me like the task manager looks like the picture below. If so, the fix is a really simple one.



If you double-click with the left mouse button in the white area next to the End Task button, the menu bar and tabs will reappear. If you double-click again the menu bar and tabs will disappear again.