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Taskbar Icons Disappearing? – Here’s How To Retrieve Them

Theresa from Canada writes:

My icons keep disappearing from my task bar near the clock. Only concerned with important icons, like Vipre, Logitech Gaming and Set Point. I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate. How do I get those icons back?

Your taskbar icons (the tiny icons on the lower right hand side of the task bar next to the clock) have a nasty tendency (in Windows 7, at least) to either disappear or stay visible when you don’t necessarily need them to. The good thing is Microsoft included a very simple way to customize which icons notify you and which ones always show.

Step 1.) Click the triangle next to your task bar icons.


Step 2.) Click on Customize

taskbar icon 2

Step 3.) Locate the icon you want to change how it displays and click the drop down box next to it. The three options are:

1: Show icon and notifications: This will always show the icon and any notification/popup message the application is trying to send to you.

2: Only Show Notifications: This will only popup a notification if the program is trying to notify you and won’t display the icon otherwise.

3: Hide icon and notification: This will hide any popup/notification and you’ll need to manually open the program to see any information from it.


Once you’ve set the individual programs as you like, click OK and the taskbar should now show the icons you’ve selected.