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Tasks in Outlook Calendar

When you’re checking to see how your day is shaping up in the MS Outlook Calendar do you notice the tasks and think “Ok, so that needs to be done by 2 and this one has to be completed by 3:30″?

After that what’s your next thought?

Maybe it’s something along the lines of “Exactly when today will I have time to get this done?”

Most likely, and yet the intent of the question is probably more along the lines of not forgetting to make time to get them done.

So, if that’s your daily dilemma then I do have a suggestion that may work for you.

With just a click and drag you can move the task into your calendar – assigning it a time – so that you know around all your meetings and whatnot when it’s time to make sure it’s completed.

I found that with Outlook 2007 it was a simple drag and drop into a time slot.

However, when I checked an older version of Outlook, I found that when I released the mouse button to drop it into the calendar an appointment dialog window opened. So to complete the move I needed to click the Save and Close button – but after that things were scheduled into my day perfectly.

While no system is fool-proof and we’re all certain to forget a few things along the way – maybe this will help to keep the “few” to an even lower number than ever before.

~ April