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Taste Stopping

You all know I love a good food site, so when I ran across Taste Stopping  – I knew at a glance that I would be sharing it with you. 

Normally I talk about how gorgeous the food photos are, or how the pictures make my mouth water with the desire to devour whatever tasty treats they are displaying. This site is a little different; they highlight images from around the web of what are tasty recipes, but whose pictures leave something to be desired. 

Back on the main page, navigation is easy. Just scroll down the page, and click on whatever strikes your fancy. Here you’ll find the currently featured articles, as well as blog entries from the site owner.  Near the top of the page is a black navigation strip that offers links to the About, Bells and Whistles, and Submission Guidelines/FAQ sections.  As you scroll down past the current featured articles make sure you note the navigation options beneath them, where you can select the page you want to view and navigate past features with the back and forth with the first, last, arrows, and page numbers.

To find out more about how the site works, and where you can navigate click on Bells and Whistles on the black navigation strip. As you’re reading this section note that all the sections that are being explained are linked to in the paragraphs. So you can just click the link when you find the section you really want to visit. 

I’d also recommend checking out the About section, because it is there that you’ll find the information about submitting your food images. This ties into the Submission Guidelines/FAQ section too!

What image is worth redeeming? What recipe is delicious in spite of its poorly presented photograph? You decide today!  

http://tastestopping.com/ [1]