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Trying to find that special someone can often lead to disaster.

If you spy someone that tickles your fancy in a club, your best lines may often be drowned out by drum and bass.  You’re reduced to the level of nonsensical shouting where all you really want is to gauge the interests of the other person and get to know them.

If you  find first dates to be a headache because of all of the inevitable pleasantries, when all you really want to know is what they have in their CD collection, then this tip is for you.

If you have tried to avoid this first date problem by venturing into the online world of dating, but have never found a site that really spoke to you.  Then tastebuds.fm may be the answer, as it connects people that have the same musical tastes!

All you have to do is name three bands or artists that you like and then go from there. The ethos behind this site is to make online dating easy and fun, using the basis of music to get people talking and interacting and who knows what else?

Simply go to tastebuds.fm [1] where you’ll be greeted by the below screen.

tastebuds [2]

Once you’ve “clicked here to begin” you’ll be able to click what sex you are and what sex you’re looking for by clicking the round black buttons.  You also have to add three bands or artists you like, the site jumps to your matches that are near your location and asks you to register as a new member or connect through Facebook.

tastebuds_2 [3]

This immensely slick website will have you wondering why you ever bothered trying to get familiar with the opposite sex in traditional real world scenarios and ensures that you have something to talk about when you first contact them.  If, however, your favorite bands come up with no matches, you’d better pop down to your local record shop and acquire some new tastes for your buds, pronto!

~Matthew McGuire