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Tatara Project – From Dust to Edge

Renaissance Faire season here in Ohio and Michigan is starting to wind down, and that got me to thinking about some of the items that are handcrafted at the shops. In particular, how these craftsman were making blades. Then by happenstance I ran across this webpage which documents Jesus Hernandez’s journey into Japanese sword making.

To navigate the site, just scroll down the page. The first section is right there. You’ll see how he got started in great images of the different steps, and then at the bottom of the page click To Part Two to continue the journey. You can also find navigation options at the top of the page. They are: Main, Parts 2-6, and Summary. These menu options will be on every page so it is very easy to navigate back and forth.

I hope you find this as fascinating as I did! It was really neat to see the process of making a sword from start to finish. And at the end of part six you get to see a final picture of how it all came together. Absolutely stunning!

Go check it out!

http://www.arscives.com/bladesign/tamahagane/main.htm [1]