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Tawkon: Stay Safe from Mobile Radiation

The smartphone has made our life even more worthwhile, but technology has its side effects too. Ever since the device became more portable (and literally “handheld”,) it has been posed as a potential health hazard, due to the electromagnetic radiation it creates during a call or data network access. The fact worth taking note is that according to the WHO (World Health Organization), this effect is possibly carcinogenic. Do not freak out yet, because it’s your smartphone that can help you alleviate¬†this radiation effect.


Like always, there is an app for that. Tawkon [1] is a smartphone app that monitors in real-time your exposure to mobile radiation and alerts your accordingly with simple steps to minimize the effect.


Download [2] and launch the app, and get ready to be less worried about potential radiation. The app sits in the notification area and the icon changes colors (green,yellow and red) to notify the status of radiation exposure. This also works while you are on a call and how a Bluetooth headset (or loudspeaker) can help you safely make a call if there is a rise in radiation level.

The Prediction mode maps danger zones/conditions during phone activity and it learns with time. The time range can be as low as the last call duration and range up to 6 months. This serves great if you are determined enough to avoid health hazards.


The app also serves on a global perspective by creating a radiation exposure map. The map is extensively updated with radiation data generated by users, which in turn helps users who wish to travel to a certain area and check the radiation levels it possess.


Tawkon certainly is a great app that effectively does what it promises to. Anybody who is moderate to highly dependent on their mobile phones should consider using it. The app is currently available for Android, iPhone (jailbroken) and Blackberry.

~Soumen Halder