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Teaching Careers

One of my goals this summer is to figure out all of my options before I apply to PHD programs in the fall. I really can’t believe it’s already time to be thinking about that process again. I ran across this site in my research and thought that since this is also the season of graduation for high school students that this information might be helpful for them too!

I really like the section How To Become a Teacher, you’ll find it featured on the main page, because it walks you through a series of questions that help determine the path you’d need to take to become a teacher.  After filling it out they provide information on financial aid & grants, as well as a search to help you find scholarships. Filling this out as a college grad nets me information on State Certification Programs, and the aforementioned financial aid, grants, and scholarship information. 

You’ll also find a very helpful Build a Stunning Portfolio section on the main page which is really helpful to check out if you’re searching for a job as a teacher. It provides a 4-step list of how to create and update your teaching portfolio. On the main page, you’ll also find the Find Jobs Near You Section which will allow you to search through job listings in your area. 

 As for navigation – you’ll have plenty to check out just from the featured content on the main page – but you’ll also find a navigation strip along the top of the page offering Why Teach, Become a Teacher, Community, Blog, and Find Jobs. 

This site is a really cool resource if you’re interesting in learning what you need to do to teach, or if you’re looking for a job teaching. Check it out today!

https://www.teach.org/ [1]