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Tech News for 01-20-10

Kodak and Nokia have filed separate lawsuits against Apple, the maker of the iPhone, claiming that the iPhone infringes on separate patents. In an announcement by Eastman Kodak last Thursday, the company stated that it had filed a lawsuit against the iPhone maker due to what it believed was an “infringement on a patent related to the previewing of images”. Kodak also filed a similar suit against Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry devices. Kodak won a similar suit against Samsung back in December, as well. Nokia, the world’s largest cell phone manufacturer, filed a lawsuit against Apple in December stating that the iPhone violated seven of its patents relating to user interface, antenna, power management and camera technology. Apple has since counter-sued Nokia, stating that the company has stolen thirteen of its patents. Both companies have sent requests to the United States International Trade Commission to ban imports on each others devices due to the violation in patents.

Microsoft has requested that Windows XP users either upgrade Adobe Flash Player 6 or uninstall it due to multiple security flaws that were recently discovered. Microsoft rarely issues security advisories on third-party products, especially on those designed for operating systems that are approaching the end of their support period. However, since this version of Adobe Flash Player was originally included in Windows XP, Microsoft feels that users of Windows XP should be made aware of the security flaws . Additional details were included in Microsoft’s Security Advisory 979267.

Last Tuesday, an estimated twenty major corporations, including Google and Yahoo, suffered a massive cyber attack originating from China. As a result, Google released an announcement stating that it was no longer willing to self-censor Internet content or search results in China. The search engine giant then removed its filters, allowing users to search for topics including “Tienanmen Square Massacre”, “Taiwan Independence” and “Falun Gong”. Google also stated that it was reviewing the possibility of discontinuing operations in China, due to the cyber attack incident and the complex Chinese censorship rules.

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