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Tech News for 02-16-10

A hard drive the size of a postage stamp? Sounds like science fiction, but according to a report from technology firm, Toshiba, it may soon become new technology. The company, through a partnership with Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, has developed the ability to create a Solid State Drive (SSD) the size of a postage stamp. Toshiba stated in the report that it expects to have a proof of concept built before 2012. Though the company would like to use this technology to build more efficient and smaller hard drives for computers, it seems like this small sized technology would be best suited for netbooks, portable media players and mobile phones.

Microsoft has announced that it plans to provide an update to Windows 7 that will patch several loopholes that allow pirates to disable the operating system’s anti-piracy protection. Titled, “The Windows Activation Technologies Update for Windows 7″, the patch will correct more than 70 activation hacks according to Microsoft. The update will also check the Microsoft servers periodically to look for additional anti-privacy patches. Microsoft has stated that the new update will be optional. Those who choose not to install the update will still be able to get Windows updates.

Those with Google accounts may have noticed the new Google feature that was launched this past week. Google Buzz is the new social networking tool from Google which allows you to view all of your social networking statuses directly in your Gmail account. The product automatically makes you a follower of those you email and chat with the most, which could be good or bad. Users are able to configure Buzz for their individual preferences or disable the feature entirely.

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