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Tech News for 03-03-10

The European Union’s Data Protection Directive has ordered Google to delete their Street View pictures after six months, because retaining the images for a year may violate privacy laws in the European Union. The Directive also ordered the search engine giant to give United Kingdom citizens more information and lead time regarding when its Street View cars would be in certain areas of the country to take photos for the Street View service. The European Union is normally more concerned about privacy issues than other countries and regions of the world. The European Union also began a antitrust probe of Google this past week, even requesting Google to explain the algorithms behind its search.

Microsoft has announced the development of Windows Mobile 7, the next version of Microsoft’s operating system for mobile devices. According to Aaron Woodman, the Director of Consumer Experience for Microsoft’s mobile device, the new mobile operating system has undergone a complete redesign so that it is more like a phone and less like a PC. It is believed that the first Windows Mobile 7 phone will be released sometime in September.

Google has created an online service that allows people to locate friends and family who might have been affected by the recent earthquake in Chile. The Google Person Finder allows users to search for an individual by name or leave information regarding an individual for others to find. Google has stated that information entered into the service is public and that the company will not be verifying any information. The service listed 29,500 records as of Sunday. The death toll in Chile has reached upwards of 700.

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