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Tech News for 03-10-10

Apple announced on Friday that customers will be able to purchase the Apple iPad on April 3, with pre-orders beginning on March 12. However, it was also noted that the 3G model may not be available until the end of April. Steve Jobs announced the device on January 27 during his keynote speech, but has since stated that the iPad will not support tethering, even though the iPhone currently supports it. On an interesting note, Facebook recently banned the “Free iPad” advertisements that appeared on the popular social networking website after the announcement of the iPad.

After Nvidia, a graphics card manufacturer, released an updated version of their driver (version 196.75, to be exact) several users have reported problems with overheating inside their computer. According to an Nvidia statement, there is a bug inside the latest 196.75 driver which causes fan speed issues, possibly resulting in overheating of the computer and its hardware. Users who have installed the 196.75 driver are recommended to return to the 196.21 drivers until Nvidia is able to correct the issue. Unless you have specifically visited Nvidia.com to update your video card drivers, you should not be affected by this update.

What if you could play the same game on your Windows computer, Xbox 360 or even your Windows Phone 7 phone? Eric Rudder, the Senior Vice President of Technical Strategy for Microsoft, gave a keynote presentation at TechEd Middle East that did exactly that. During his keynote, he demoed a simple game that was playable on all three platforms while maintaining the game’s session as you move between devices. Using this idea, we might see some popular computer and Xbox games ported to the Windows Phone 7 device, which is slated to be released later this year.

~Bryan Scheiber is a Systems Administrator in Metro Detroit.
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