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Tech News for 03-24-10

As many Internet users may know, Russia is one of the hotspots for spammers and fraud online. Well, beginning on April 1st, the Russian government has plans to change that. From that date forward, those who register a .ru domain, which is the top-level domain allocated to the country of Russia, will be required to provide a copy of their password for verification of their identity. Russia hopes the new rule will help decrease the amount of fraud, spam and inappropriate material results from the .ru domains. Abusers have been able to hide their identity in the past because domain registration does not require any identity verification steps. This allowed criminals to register domains under fake identities.

In my last article, I reported about the FCC’s broadband test website, broadband.gov. In the first week of its operation, users performed more than 150,000 speed tests. The FCC has also released apps for Android and iPhones, allowing users to test their cellular data speeds as well. The FCC will be using the data they receive in these speed tests to help plan for their upcoming National Broadband Plan.

Facebook, the popular social networking website, is recovering from yet another virus. Some Facebook users have reported receiving a email stating that they have requested a password reset. The email continues to state that the users new password is contained in a file attached to the email. This email appears to come from help@facebook.com. Facebook has stated that they are aware of the issue and are warning users to ignore and delete the email.

~Bryan Scheiber is a Systems Administrator in Metro Detroit.
He can be reached at: bryan@bryzo.com