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Tech News for 05-19-10

Google will discontinue selling the Nexus One, their Google Android Phone, on their website; instead opting to partner with cell phone carriers in order to sell their phones inside brick and mortar stores. Google had originally planned to sell the Nexus One through their web store without a service plan, however, the search engine giant stated that customers want hands-on experience before buying a phone, and the ability to select a service plan during the ordering process. T-Mobile had quickly adopted the Nexus One when it was released, however, Verizon and Sprint refused the Nexus One in favor of the HTC EVo 4G and HTC Incredible.

As you may have noticed from my past reports on Facebook security, the popular social networking website is one of the most regular targets for hackers, scammers and phishers. In response to the increase in recent attacks, Facebook will begin to release new security features in an effort to protect their users. New security features include suspicious login detection, which will monitor users login locations and alert the user if there is an attempted login from an unusual location, and registered devices, which will allow users to restrict access by only allowing registered computers and mobile devices to login to their account.

One of the biggest complaints regarding Wikipedia is that it is unreliable. Why? In allowing millions of users access to editing a gigantic encyclopedia, people are bound to hold a bias and write about what they believe, instead of what is truth. Well, Wikipedia made a move this last week which might allow for some of that bias to disappear from their database. Wikipedia is currently looking into developing an innovative method of increasing the accuracy of the public policy and political articles in its online encyclopedia, with the assistance of The Stanton Foundation.  As the Wikipedia Press Release stated, “The Wikipedia Public Policy Initiative will recruit Wikipedia volunteers to work with public policy professors and students to identify topic areas for improvement, and work to make them better.”  The project is set to begin in Fall 2010 and continue through Summer 2011.

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