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Tech News for 06-09-10

AT&T has removed their older iPhone data plans and replaced them with lower-priced but lower-capacity plans. iPhone users, as well as smartphone users, now have the option between two data plans: A 200MB plan for $15 per month or a 2GB plan for $25 per month. AT&T stated that they introduced these lower data plans because a vast majority of their smartphone users fit into these plans. Verizon Wireless will also switch to a tiered pricing, like AT&T, beginning this week. The largest cellular carrier will remove their $30 unlimited smartphone data plan and replace it with plans similar to AT&T. However, with the push for consumers to purchase smartphones and use new mobile data devices like Apple’s iPad, some analysis are unsure if these new plans will help wireless customers or hurt them: Last year, Morgan Stanley estimated that mobile data usage would double for each year during the next three years.

This week, Apple will be hosting their Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Yesterday, during Steve Jobs keynote address, Apple announced the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4, which will include a higher-capacity battery, the ability to multi-task, a new design and front-facing camera. More news is expected throughout the week.

When Google announced Google Buzz back in February, privacy concerns pushed many to disable the product in their Google Account. Now, Yahoo has announced that it plans to release a service which will allow your Yahoo Contacts to become a social network of friends which will receive your Yahoo Updates. Yahoo Updates will be displayed on the Yahoo Mail webpage underneath the email message listing. Yahoo Updates are a news feed, micro blogging service offered by Yahoo, which users must opt out of if they do not wish to participate. The service will release this upcoming week.

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