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Tech News for 06-23-10

Remember when IBM’s Deep Blue computer defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov in May 1997? IBM is ready to challenge human knowledge again with their supercomputer named “Watson”. Watson will complete against human players in the game of Jeopardy, although it does have a tendency to crash or answer a series of questions incorrectly. The supercomputer has already completed against humans in IBM’s development environment, but there are reports that the computer may make an appearance on the actual television show, Jeopardy.

What would you think about the Internet having a kill switch? One Senator has introduced legislation which would allow Homeland Security to issue emergency orders to broadband providers, search engines and software companies, essentially allowing HLS to order the turn-off or enact government control of the Internet in the United States. At the moment, the proposed legislation is supported by several Senators, but it is expected to gain major opposition from the technology industry and Net Neutrality organizations.

LimeWire, the popular file sharing platform, received another lawsuit last week. Eight members of the National Music Publishers’ Association, including EMI, Sony and Universal, have filed a lawsuit stating that LimeWire allows for online copyright infringement through its peer-to-peer network. According to the lawsuit, the LimeWire client has been downloaded 200 million times from download.com alone, which the National Music Publishers’ Association members believe is harming the industry and preventing growth. LimeWire is operated by the Lime Group which is based in New York state.

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