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Tech News for 07-14-10

Facebook, the popular social networking platform, has purchased Nextstop, a site which provided user added lists of interesting things to do in locations around the world. During the announcement of the purchase, Nextstop stated that they would be shutting down the service on September 1. Those currently using the service have two months to continue using Nextstop and will also have the ability to export the content they created to formats such as static HTML, Google Maps or Google Picasa. The employees of Nextstop will be joining the Facebook team. Facebook has not stated what it plans to do with the product it just acquired.

A developer has created a Chrome Browser plugin which displays a security vulnerability in the popular Google web browser. Developer Andreas Grech coded a Chrome Browser plugin which is able to save user’s login information for popular websites and send him an email with the info. The developer even pasted the code for his plugin on his personal website to provide evidence to the exploit. Google has yet to respond, but is expected to quickly fix the vulnerability. Those using the Chrome Browser are advised to only install plugins from people you know and trust, as some Chrome plugins may have unseen intents.

Amazon has been granted the patent for an e-ink display and LCD display in the same e-reader device, which may greatly affect the e-reader market. This new patent allows Amazon to create e-reader devices similar to their current Kindle device, but with two screens: one for displaying the e-book with their e-ink display, and a second screen for displaying textual or graphical information related to the ebook. With Amazon receiving the rights to this patent, it possibly puts Barnes & Noble’s e-reader device, the Nook, in violation of the patent.

~Bryan Scheiber is a Systems Administrator in Metro Detroit.
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