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Tech News for 11-11-09

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Windows 7 has arrived, and after only two weeks it is apparently selling better than Mac OS X 10.6. According to tech-website Ars Technica, Windows currently holds 92.52% of the market, Mac OS X holding 5.27 and Linux is growing with a 0.96 percent of the market. Even though Mac OS X 10.6 was released roughly three months ago and Ubuntu 9.10, the popular Linux distro, arrived last week, Windows 7 already has a greater market share than both of these two operating systems combined.

Back in October I had mentioned Verizon Wireless trying to overtake the iPhone with it’s new phone called the “Droid”. As a result of the increased advertising, AT&T is suing Verizon Wireless for misleading in their recent campaign. In the commercials, Verizon shows their large 3G coverage map next to AT&T’s smaller 3G coverage map and states “There’s a Map for That.”. AT&T claims that in their coverage map, as shown in the Verizon ad, the blank spaces suggest that there is no AT&T coverage at all. Verizon stated that their intent was to just show 3G wireless coverage and not basic cellular phone coverage.

Apple has opened their first Apple store in France, located in a underground shopping district beneath the Louvre Museum in Paris. In this particular location, Apple is using a iPod Touch based Point of Sales devices instead of the current Pocket-PC based devices. Apple executives stated that they plan to open additional stores in France.

Business Insider is reporting that Google has acquired AdMob, a mobile device advertising firm, for $750 million in stocks. AdMob is currently a firm that provides an advertising marketplace, connecting advertising with mobile publishers, including advertisements in the mobile editions of websites and mobile applications. With Google’s major development and push of the Android phone, expect the search engine giant to defiantly use this technology that they have acquired.

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