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Tech News for 7-15-09

We all install Anti-Virus, Firewalls and Anti-Spyware software in an attempt to prevent hackers from stealing our personal information, but what if a hacker could figure out what you are typing by instead monitoring your physical keyboard. Two researchers for Inverse Path, a network security firm, have discovered a method to monitor a user’s key strokes on the keyboard by using a laser to catch the electrical keyboard signals that are generated by pressing the keyboard keys. The method used to execute this exploit will be demonstrated at the Black Hat 2009 conference in Las Vegas from July 25 to July 30th.

Not only is the New York Times having problems with print sales, they are now having problems with advertising on their website, Nytimes.com. As a result, the New York Times will be requiring users to have a monthly subscription before they will be able to access the content on Nytimes.com. According to Bloomberg, the Times will be charging $2.50 a month for print subscribers and $5 for everyone else.

Last Tuesday, Google, the popular search engine, announced that it would be entering the operating system industry by releasing Chrome OS, a free competitor to Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X. The company announced that their new operating system would be targeted at Netbooks, a type of inexpensive, small laptop originally designed solely for internet access. Not only does this new operating system raise privacy concerns and the belief that Google is monitoring every aspect of your computing, but also that it will not appeal to a majority of the population, just like their web browser, Chrome, which seemed to fizzle.

~ Bryan Scheiber is a Systems Administrator in Metro Detroit.
He can be reached at: bryan@bryzo.com