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Tech News for 8-5-09

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has resigned from Apple’s board of directors, stating that the reason was a “conflict of interest”. It totally makes sense with the announcement of Chrome OS, which will challenge Apple’s operating system, Mac OS X and Android which is currently competing against the iPhone. Apple also rejected the Google Voice app for the iPhone, which is a surprise, since the app was developed by one of the largest computer corporations in the United States; and at a time when Eric Schmidt was still on the Apple board! The FCC has actually become involved in the issue, hinting to a possible investigation on ATT’s involvement in the App Store acceptance or denial policy. The commission would like to ensure wireless open access and handset exclusivity and prevent ATT from blocking certain VoIP applications from being run on the iPhone.

Intel had a rough week as some of the company’s new solid state disk (SSD) drives suffered from data corruption issues. The models included consumer-class X25-M and X18-M. The company has since pulled back shipments to retailers.


After rumors about Apple releasing a tablet computer for the past few months, PC World has reported that those rumors are true. According to the magazine, their source has actually seen a prototype and has first-hand knowledge. The Apple tablet is rumored to be released in November of this year.

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