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Tech News for 9-30-09

The Apple App Store downloads have hit two billion according to the computer company known for their Mac and iPod products. There are around 85,000 apps available on the Apple App Store; a number that could be higher if not for Apple’s strict app application process, which has prevented other companies like Google from publishing their “Google Voice” iPhone app in the Apple App Store. The firm also stated that the current number of iPhones and iPod Touches has reached 50 million.

Apple has again been criticized for it’s Software Update program for forcing unnecessary and sometimes unrelated software upon users. Users noticed that the recent updates install the iPhone Configuration Utility 2.1, even for users who have never plugged a iPhone into their computer. This update, according to ComputerWorld, contains a personal web server, which could create a vulnerability in the user’s computer.

Microsoft and Google are preparing for a fight, to win a $7.25 million contract to replace Los Angeles old email system. According to the LA Times, city officials have been told that the Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Google CEO Eric Schmidt would be “more than happy to come and visit with you”, in an effort to convince the City Hall to select a winner. The city requested bids last year and both companies submitted proposals.

~Bryan Scheiber is a Systems Administrator in Metro Detroit.
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