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Tech Support Scammers Target Phones & Tablets

Scammers are always looking for a new angle and phony computer tech support has always been  popular. Recently we told you about a scam where crooks call people pretending to be from Microsoft a [1]nd asking for control of their computer.

Now security experts Malwarebytes are warning that scammers have a new target: smartphone and tablet users.  And they are targeting them with some pretty clever tactics. Say you have an issue with your phone and you search for some answers, these guys are buying ads that turn up in your search results that look fairly legit. 

When you tap the ad, you see this pleasant looking tech support rep. She wouldn’t scam you, would she?

But when you call that number, a tech will tell you that they need direct access to your computer. Then the tech will ask you download a program that allows them to log into your computer remotely.

The person from Malwarebytes that allowed the tech to access a test computer just to find out if this service was legit, says the tech did nothing for the phone, but then tried to tell him they’d discovered all sorts of non-existent issues that needed to be fixed.

The company then tried to sell the guy from Malware Bytes a $299 a year plan to keep his computer a phone safe. 

These scammers operate under multiple names and use multiple websites. They’ve been targeting Windows and Mac users for years, but with the booming smartphone and tablet market, it looks like they’re branching out.