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Tech Support Troubles?

Tech Support Troubles?

Are you sometimes intimidated by calling a Technical Support line? Well, never fear, there are some general rules that will allow you to get the most out of a Technical Support contact.

1. Don’t use profanity, yell, scream, or insult the technician you are working with. Frustration is natural; however remember that the technician is there to help you. Working with the technician and being civil and pleasant will usually result in a faster resolution of the issue.

2. Have pertinent information handy before contacting support. This would include the version of Windows, the version of the application you are having difficulty with, a brief description of the difficulty, the exact wording of any error you are seeing and when you are seeing it, and, if applicable, the serial number for the product. It won’t always be possible to have all of this information, but the more you have available, the quicker the issue is usually resolved. If you do not know how to find some of this information, tell the technician right up front that you don’t know how to find it, and they should be able to assist you.

3. Refrain from “chit-chat,” unless it directly relates to what is happening. For instance, the technician doesn’t need to know that your friend, Sally’s, cousin, Mike, was having the same error. The technician is only concerned with the difficulty you are having.

4. When using email support, make certain that your email address is correct and complete. The support won’t be able to contact you otherwise. Likewise, if using phone support, most support departments require the complete phone number including Area code and country code if applicable.

5. Don’t be argumentative. If you don’t agree with the technician, it will do little good to argue. If necessary, you can always contact Technical Support again and speak with another technician. However, it is usually worthwhile to follow the steps dictated by the technician.

6. If you don’t understand something, ask for clarification. This is far better than just doing what you think the technician wants you to do. Also, try not to “get ahead” of the technician, but if the technician is going too fast, ask them to slow down.

By following these steps, contacting a technical support can be a good and worthwhile experience, quickly resolving many issues, and at the same time, you will be making the technician’s life just a little easier.

–Lee Trulove