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Telegrams From Last Century

There is something that is absolutely fascinating about telegrams to me. Telegrams have a romantic air of the past about them. They are like touchstones to people and places that are now captured in time on a piece of paper.

Created in August of 2011, this site features telegrams from the last century. The blog-style navigation is a breeze – just scroll down the page and click Older to view previous entries or newer to see more recent entries. On the left side of the page there is menu that gives you the option of viewing a full list of tags, emailing the site’s author, viewing the archive, sending the author a message (send me a telegram), submitting telegrams, or viewing a random post.

Beneath that menu there is a search field.  Just type in a key word and hit enter. For example, if you type in Howard Hughes and hit enter, you’ll bring up all the telegrams that he sent sent. Several of those telegrams were sent to Katherine Hepburn via her secretary Emily Perkins under the pseudonym Dan or Stephen. 

Most of the telegrams are from someone famous to someone famous, but I think that just adds to the intrigue and romance allowing us a glimpse into their communications. You’ll also find telegrams to politicians like the one from Jackie Robinson to President Lyndon B. Johnson, communiques from FBI agents about escaped prisoners like John Dillinger, and  telegrams of congratulations or condolences. It is also very neat to see how the actual physical form of the telegrams change over time, what kinds of paper they are printed on, and  how they are formatted. 

This is a great site that celebrates the telegram, check it out today! 

http://telegramsfromlastcentury.tumblr.com/ [1]