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Temporarily Ignore the Print Area

Do you set print areas in MS Excel to quickly print the cells that are only needed time and time again?

Ever have times when you want to print a different range of cells, without resetting the print area?

Yes? Then you need to give this a try!

First, highlight the cells you want to print.

Now, you need to go to the Print dialogue window. That can be found in the File menu, Print choice or for Excel 2007, it’s under the Office button, Print submenu, Print choice. Or, if you really want to make it easy, just use Ctrl + P.

It’s here that you’ll tell Excel what to print. Under the “Print what” section, choose Selection.

Now, proceed as usual by clicking on the OK button.

Here’s a little extra tip for all you Excel 2007 users. You may have noticed the checkbox at the bottom of the list that says “Ignore print areas.”

If you select that, Excel will print the entire worksheet for you, without disturbing your print areas.

That’s all you have to do for quickly and easily printing the “not so usual” parts of your worksheet!