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Temporary Vista Files

Temporary Vista Files

Are you one of the many users now using a Windows Vista computer? If you said yes, then answer me this: do you use Internet Explorer 7 as your main Web browser? If so, are you having a little trouble figuring out how to delete all your temporary Internet files? We have preached on this topic before for Windows XP and it’s just as important with Vista. (Just in case you’re not sure, temporary Internet files are files used by your computer to save certain information about the Web sites you visit. If you delete them on a regular basis, it will drastically improve your computer’s overall performance). Alright, with all of that said, let’s find out how you can do this with IE 7 in Vista!

There are two different ways you can do this. First, in Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options and under the Browsing History section, click on Delete. Then beside the Temporary Internet Files option, click the Delete Files button. Click Yes to confirm and the files will then be deleted. The second option is to click on the Start button and type “disk” into the search box below it. In the results, find Disk Cleanup and click on it. Choose the drive you want to clean out and then click OK. Next, checkmark the box next to Temporary Internet Files, click OK and then click on the Delete Files button.

On a side note, another way you can get rid of your temporary Internet files is to use the CCleaner program, but I would recommend using the other methods first. Also, if you would like to view the files you’re deleting before you actually go through with it, you can do so by clicking on the View Files option first, before going on to delete them. That way, you can see what you’re actually getting rid of and save anything you need to beforehand. Either way, this is something you should do regularly so that your computer will work at its best. Now, go on and give it a try!

~ Erin