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Tend is a really cool parenting site sent my way by one of my friends with kids. She likes it because hits a lot of topics that she finds of interest in one easy location. 

Navigation is very simple. Just load into the site and be presented with featured content in the center of the page and a navigation strip along the top. I like that the rotating featured content seems to hit all the site’s categories. 

The categories are Parenting, Food & Recipes, Living, Kids, Family, and Mom Time.  If you mouse over them, you’ll see the subcategories for each displayed beneath them. 

Not having children, I headed right to the Food & Recipes section since I desperately need to make Reese’s Stuffed Giant Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies [1] right now and wanted to see what the recipe for Fried Rice entailed. Overall I was very impressed with the ease of the recipes and how nice they would be for anyone rushed for time!

Go check it out for yourself today! 

http://www.tend.com/ [2]