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TeraCopy: A Better Copy For Windows

Have you tried to copy a large number of files, only to receive an error halfway though which forced you to restart again? Was copying slower than you thought it should be? Did you forget that you’ve selected a file, and don’t want to keep copying if you picked the wrong ones? Well, with traditional Windows copy dialog, you’re stuck if any of the above happen. Errors stop you dead in your tracks, and it’s an all or nothing, slow process.

TeraCopy from Codesector solves all of that. TeraCopy allows you to:

Installing TeraCopy is simple. Begin by clicking here [1] to download the setup file and run the setup program. Once you’ve followed the prompts to install TeraCopy, the windows utility will be replaced with TeraCopy automatically. When you select a file in windows explorer, right click, select copy, then go to a directory you want to put it into. Next, right click and click paste.  You’ll see TeraCopy open and being the transfer.

You can click the more button to reveal the list of files, size, status and options. You can also pause the copy job by pressing the pause button, or skip files by pressing the skip button.

If you’re copying a large amount of files and want to shut down your computer once the copy is done, you can click the circle with a | icon, which will enable shutdown once the copy is done, and will automatically turn your PC off once finished. You can also select the check mark icon to test the files, verifying they were copied correctly once the copy is complete.

The paid version of TeraCopy adds the ability to remove files from the copy queue, select files by extension type, and move to your favorites folder. I use TeraCopy on all of my versions of Windows and highly recommend it.