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I’m sure many of you are still using Windows XP. I have a main system with XP that I use quite frequently. I am fed up with the Windows XP file copying and moving feature. You know, just like this.


The estimated times are never correct, and it takes forever! So, I started looking for a better alternative and, of course, I’m going to show it to you today. The program I found is called TeraCopy and it is amazing. Let’s check it out!

1.) To get started using TeraCopy, you can use the direct download link I have for you right here.

2.) After it has finished downloading, run the setup wizard.


Follow the simple instructions and the TeraCopy interface will open.


3.) This is one way to access TeraCopy. TeraCopy also replaces the Windows copy and move function with itself, which is the method I prefer.

4.) Close out of the TeraCopy window. For example, find a folder you would like to move or copy. Right click and drag it to a new location.

5.) A menu appears. Select “TeraCopy here”. The program opens up and zips right through, giving you progress for each and every file in the folder.


6.) TeraCopy also includes an option to pause and skip certain files in the folder. Pausing is wonderful, if your computer is acting slowly and you need to free up resources, or if you’d like to resume a copy or moving job later.


7.) In case of a copying or moving error, TeraCopy retries several times, and then skips the file. When the job has finished, it will show you the list of error files, so you can recopy problem files only. This means there is no need to stand by the computer while TeraCopy does its job; you are free to walk away!

I hope today’s tip will make your computer experience just a little more pleasant. Happy copying!

~ Neil Patel