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Text Highlighting Tips

I’m having a hard time with my word processor. When I go to highlight a large section of text with my mouse (more than what’s currently shown on the screen), I zip right past the point where I want to stop. So, I keep my mouse button down and go back up – only to zip by my stopping point again. This can go on and on in a vicious cycle. How can I fix this?

The best way I know of is to lay off the mouse a little (they can get kinda wild, ya know). First, put your cursor at the point where you want to start highlighting (selecting) the text.

OK, now (keep your hands off that mouse) hold down your SHIFT key and use your up / down arrows . You’ll find when you hold down an arrow that the text scrolls (and highlights) by at a much more manageable rate.

Oh, if the section is really big, tap your Page Up and Page Down keys till you get close to where you need to stop.

Who knew it could be so easy?

~ Steve