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That’s Not What I Selected!

That’s Not What I Selected!

Here’s the scenario: You’re working in MS Word, happily highlighting this and that, editing the document that will surely become a perfect specimen of word processing.

But wait! What’s that?

You highlighted part of a word and now, you suddenly have the whole word highlighted!

Is there something wrong with this thing?

Don’t panic.

Nothing’s wrong. There’s actually a very good reason for this strange behavior.

MS Word contains an option that automatically extends your partial highlight to select an entire word.

Interested in turning that feature off?

Just imagine it. You could have a program that gives you exactly what you highlight and only what you highlight!

Well, here’s the scoop on this “helpful highlighting feature.”

You’re looking for the Tools menu, Options choice.

When the Options window opens, go to the Edit tab.

You’re looking to uncheck the “When selecting, automatically select entire word” option.

Got it?

Good. Then click OK.

That’s it. Now, you’ll get exactly what you highlight, no more and no less.

Talk about having things done your way!

~ April